Balmora Mage's and Fighter's Guild Interiors

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Balmora Mage's and Fighter's Guild Interiors

Post by TheMCJarhead » Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:59 pm


Since I'm the most imbecilic being on planet earth, I started working on the mages guild in Balmora without even creating a project listing. Sorry about that, I should h ave known better. Should have checked and created a request before that. But, better late than never, I guess.

The Balmora mages and fighters guild are probably the buildings I've been inside the most out of the entirety of Vvardenfell in TES III, and it was sad to see the inside of them just being hollow shells. I'd like to request my continuation of building the interiors of these two buildings, as I'm very familiar with them and I'd like to finish what I unintentionally started without permission. I plan on trying to make it 1:1, but so far while building it I've found that making it 1:1 inside of that specific buildling will prove to be a challenge since it's not particularly scaled itself (not to mention 1:1 things in minecraft is practically impossible in the first place).

Screenshots comparing how these look in the game and what I've already built and what I've done so far on the server.

What I have here is a fairly rough draft build, I need to fix a few things, especially the mess that is the staircase to the underground floor, and the underground floor itself. There are a few block placements and positions I'm not very proud of either.

Both the Mage's and the Fighter's guild buildings happen to be quite similar to each other, so what I've built in the mages guild is a good representation of how the fighter's guild is also going to be built. I plan on using either regular sandstone or chiseled sandstone for the walls, sandstone stairs along the edges of the wall for that bit of the wall that sticks out at the bottom, cracked stone bricks for the floors, oak logs for the floors, fences and white glass for those weird pane things on the bottom floor, levers and trapdoors for some shelves (an idea I got from looking at some examples on the server. I've never thought of making a shelf like that!), some different types of stairs for tables and chairs throughout the build, some banners for the walls (I might attempt to make the banners actually have a design like they do in game, but I'm still not very familiar with how dying banners works) different colors of carpet, pressure plates for the tops of tables, some chests, wooden half slabs for the ceilings, glowstone for the lamps hanging from the ceiling (not sure what to use to make them appear to be hanging, though. Could we maybe retexture string on the resource pack to look like rope? That would be pretty neat. For now I'm using fences as a sort of place holder), and the retextured redstone torch candles.

Since it's such a small build, it makes sense to do pretty much all of it by hand. I plan on building it from the top floors down since it will probably make fitting everything and doing proportions easier. I may need access to getting the brown mushroom blocks that are on the outside of the buildings, as I may or may not have broken a few of them while trying to build on accident, only to find that you can't get those blocks in the regular creative menu.

I think this covers everything. I shall be waiting for a reply, and again, sorry for violating the law the first freaking 2 minutes that I'm a builder on this server. Warm sands, lads.
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