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Heljarchen Hall

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:08 am
by LEtzeo
I, Etzeo, wish that with my skills I could build The Heljarchen Hall. This structure is located near Whiterun, in the entrance to the Dawnstar Hold; back in Skyrim. Since it is a customizable structure from the Heartfire DLC, I will build this structure in the way which agregates most of the rooms, provinding every possibility to the player which want to visit it in the future.
Due to attachment issues in the forum (images cannot be aceptaded because they are "too large", if anybody knows how to solve it, pls tell me in this same thread) I won't be able to show images, But I have worked on some projects, such as Ald Sotha, as I also recently trained northern Tamriel style, many of thesebeing the nord type.
The area occupied by the building is aproximaly ~400 blocks as rectangle. I can make the building by using a sort of woods, concrete and stones, for example; as many of their decorations internal and external will have the use of custom heads. Please, note that all the building will be bought respecting the texture pack, and that it's scale with be the standart one (1:1) in this structure.
I'll be using hand work Only since I do not have the knowledge of McEdit or other terrain modifiers use. I might slightly use some knowledge of redstone to increase the interaction between the player and the structure, but that's not probable until now. Any help will be well welcomed when related to detailing tips and with filling walls.
thank you for reading, please vote yes ;)

Re: Heljarchen Hall

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:52 am
by MattakaAltmerboi
I vote yes :roll: