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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by Belgianwafflez19 » Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:03 pm

Hey everyone, I'm Belgianwafflez19! I love the elder scrolls and am glad I found this server.

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by willyj117 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:54 pm

Hello my name is willy and i would like to become an architect for this wonderful server, I am a very big elder scrolls fan so I would love to help recreate tamriel in mine craft. Thank you

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by Aquilus » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:26 pm

If by architect you mean builder then welcome! However if you mean Architect as in one of our ranks, you will have to start from the bottom at Citizen like everyone else. Be sure to read our rules and check out our procedures if you haven't already. Other than that welcome!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by Mr1osufan1 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:10 pm

I'm Nick a Citizen on this server I'm also known as 1osufan1 because I love the Ohio State Buckeyes. One of the most important things you must know is that I love Video games. I almost forgot I like eating Chinese food -

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by inkworld » Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:31 pm

Why hello,

Yeah, I'm Ink... So far, I am the newest citizen, but by the time I finish writing this I may be one of the oldest.
Anyway, I like old stuff, as Pringlulz knows *he he he* and I am also British.

I like souffle, and stuff like 'dat. Indeed. Chocolate is good for one's mental aptitude and prestige. Yes, I say random stuff. Yah. So, this is now mi' third post, so yay and hello to all you wonderful people who sacrificed your valuable time to read my post. But it strikes me why you did so.

Anyway, HELLO!!!???

Well, goodbye now 。◕ ‿ ◕。

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by sebatobi » Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:36 am

Well, i don't think you need me to say too much here for you to know i am not a spambot ;) - i can not only learn how to build some things for a citizen rank just like a real human, but i also often deal with spambots/offensive people/cheaters etc :ugeek: . Lastly i had a huge problem with "RSMALLS" spambots in runescape - like a typical spambot, they did various things to avoid chat filters, eg Ś'Ó"M`Ę~T:H;I*Ń.G :twisted: , and had lots of alt accounts - right after i reported spambot named lets say jfhk4ajh, a new one named akie9mfa appeared :twisted: :!: . Even worse, these spambots have hacked into the runescape servers because i found out that the new ones wrote me private messages right after i reported and ignored them. They annoyed me for some time, but, frankfully, after some time, they got a good IP ban :P .
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by cryomancer27 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:05 am

Oh, this looks fun, don't believe I've done one of these. Be warned, I pride myself on always having one of the longest bios, often including a bunch of random crap and lists that nobody wants to read Well I am Noah, or Cryo(means ice, cryomancer=ice wizards) as most of you have come to know me. I like the color blue, the number 27, and ice. Lots of ice. I also like books, books are fun, and gaming, gaming is fun too. Minecraft especially is brilliant, but I'm assuming you all know by now that I like minecraft. considering I'm a builder on a minecraft server and all that. Also love TES, skyrim especially, and open world games in general. Lets see, what else. I suppose I can just list things that I like, since I'm rather bored at the moment.

Books- Hitchhikers Trilogy, Dune and all associated novels(though I do not claim to have read them all, or even very many), anything by Tolkien, The Fault in Our Stars, aSoIaF, anything by Kurt Vonnegut(DINGALING... anyone? anyone??), Enders Saga, and probably more, as with any of these lists.

Shows- Dr Who up until season 5 when it became mediocre, Fringe, Supernatural, White Queen(too fast paced, would've been brilliant as like a 3 season thing) TOKYO GHOUL(in caps bcuz its sooo fkin good) SAO(in caps because its an acronym, not as good as TKG), Ouran, Gotham, Agents of Shield, DOWNTON ABBEY(also really fkin good, probably better than TKG), Sherlock, Star Trek. I'll probably add more as I think of them

Movies- Auntie Mame, The Princess Bride, HTTYD, Shrek 2, LotR, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. There's more, but I'll add them as I think of them.

Opinions- I'm very socially liberal, RTD was better at Dr Who than Moffat(that's not to say Moffat isn't also brilliant, he made both Coupling and sherlock, which are great). AMD is only viable at lower price ranges, otherwise Intel and nVidia easily eclipse it. Apple were pioneers, but now they're moneygrubbing, overpriced, and unoriginal. PC Master Race, all the way. Egalitarianism > feminism. My age doesn't matter, I typically only reveal it after I've known someone long enough for them to not judge me based on it. EDM is music, anything with a beat is music in all honesty, it isn't possible to criticize art. Sex and Gender are separate things, even though one's sex is supposed to match one's gender, if often doesn't, and people should be respected in these cases. Sexuality and gender are also both a spectrum, as is pretty much anything psychological. There is no psychological difference between any race, and as such they are the same. I think that's it, but I'll probably add to this as I get into more arguments and develop more opinions on things.

Games- Oh boy. Here we go. All of TES(Skyrim especially), Just Cause 2, Fallout 3 and NV(and hopefully 4), Minecraft(of course), GTAV, Saints Row The Third, Star Conflict, Star Citizen(if it ever bloody comes out), Archeage(though I don't play anymore because no one I know can play it), Spore, Mirrors Edge, Tribes Ascend, Nosgoth, Democracy 3, TF2, Portal 2(and portal), and probably more.

Other- Let's see. favorite music genre is EDM, prog house electronic and dubstep specifically(can't stand trap or future bass), but I still like other forms of music, chiefly MCR and Coheed and Cambria, along with a bunch of pop(zed-esque stuff) and Taylor Swift. Love Taylor.

Well, this turned out considerably longer than I originally intended. Almost 600 words, probably surpassing that by the time I'm done with this paragraph(yep, ___). TBH most of the lists I copy pasted from elsewhere(or maybe elsweyr. Gettit?!?!?! no..., im probably the 3000th person to make that joke).

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by BlueMoony » Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:26 pm

@cryomancer27: Hella, you also bought Start Citizen!? I bought it myself as one of the first 1000 backers :D
~ BlueMoon

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by Sinio » Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:44 pm

Hello, I'm Sinio (Steven). I am 21 years old. I am partly timid or shy. I've spent 200+ hours playing TES V: Skyrim and 62+ hours onTES IV: Oblivion. I love LORE though I still have much to learn fore I've forgoten most of it.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Post by Waezio » Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:34 am

Hi! My Name's Waezio, and I'm a TES player since Oblivion. I love Minecraft, TES, Cookies & Doctor Who ! 8-) Oh, I'm French !

French Salutations

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