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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Vivec » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:13 pm


Character's Name:Vivec/Vehk


Age: Around 4000



Physical Description (Includes height, weight, etc.): Unknown (captain told me to put that)

Backstory: He was born in the ash among the Velothi, anon Chimer, before the war with the northern men... ... s_of_Vivec

Personality: Unknown (captain told me to put that)

Skills: Unknown (captain told me to put that)
Vivec spun in midair cross-legged, never moving his swordarm from its initial position. He spoke, "Fa-Nuit-Hen," the name of an old master, and Cyrus fell from eight wounds that appeared without mortal notice.

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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Keeriah_of_Colovia » Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:18 am

The Barons of Move Like This are coming......
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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Vivec » Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:07 pm


Character's Name: Arvyn Telvanni


Age: 38?....

Physical Description (Includes height, weight, etc.): average for a dunmer in the game morrowind

Backstory: Born in Morrowind.... is in house telvanni..... worships almsivi... that's it

Personality: selfish?

Skills: magic
Vivec spun in midair cross-legged, never moving his swordarm from its initial position. He spoke, "Fa-Nuit-Hen," the name of an old master, and Cyrus fell from eight wounds that appeared without mortal notice.

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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Morrowind » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:20 am

Morrowind wrote:IGN: moonbrother

Character's Name: Morrowind Indoril

Race: Dunmer

Age: 1,303

Attributes(Take a 20 sided die and rolls for these or use a random number generator like and make the min 1 and the max 20):

Str: 18
Dex: 18
Cha: 10

Physical Description: 6 foot Strong hardy Dunmer, scars on the face and the rest of the body. Looks focused a lot of the time. 1 blind eye. Red eye. Wears his robes and Backpack most of the time. Seems to have some kind of diesese.

Backstory: Born in the 2E, Raised by my mother for the most part, my father went to help the Ebonheart pact in the war on Cyrodil, Our Argonian maid helped me with combat at the age of 7. I was a troublemaker and I got into a lot of trouble around the age of 13 I stole some expensive items from my neighbors one day, got caught and was sent to the prisons. I escaped and ran to a nearby cave. I was tracked and in the morning awoke to a man with a long sharp blade above me. It was a man I saw before on wanted posters. The guards popped into the cave and arrested me and the man got away. Little did I know that the cave was filled with fellow Mer that were strung up and murdered on posts along the wall. I was then arrested for murder by the guards. By the age 15 the man was caught and executed, tortured until he confessed. I was let out then I retreated home, very un-welcomed. My father opened the door and his smile faded into anger. My mom saw me then looked away in shame I tried to walk in to talk to them but before I could I was hit with a blade in the gut. I bled and cried out to my mom but she kept washing the dishes and refusing to look. My father then threatened to hit again. I ran out and left I made blood trails to the village were even they kicked me out. I was no longer one of them. I traveled as a mercenary, made money and survived off what I could. At the age of 32 I contracted Corprus, Traveled and hid it well. ( Skipping the 3rd era and a bit of the 4th) I joined a guild called The Companions helped them out and was granted a gift, that I couldn't take because of being Infected with corprus. Now here I am in Solstheim, probably here to stay for a little while, plan to live and work in Raven Rock, because here I am sort of accepted.

Personality: Good/Evil (depends on his mood, if in a good one he could be like a priest of Mara, in a bad one he could be like a sacrificial worshiper of Me'ruhnes Dagon.)

Skills: Good at Archery and Two Handed Fighting. Also good at Unarmed fighting!

Side Notes:His religion is quite unique. He believes in any Aedra/Daedra ever mentioned, except he also believes any Man, Beast or Mer could kill them. Studies all kinds of languages and techniques even went to the top of the throat of the world by climbing to learn the secrets from the master of the graybeards but as he arrived he was shouted off by a man in robes. He LOVES Axes maybe a bit more then Gold. A great constructor, learns from old Dwemer books best creation was a giant spear thrower later dissembled by the Empire in the 3rd Era. Loves to learn so put a book right in his face and he might just study it and make dreams come true, for a price. Custom battleaxe always made of the same metal as the last, the name he always gives to exotic blade is Bloodvane the steel is consisted of metal that can be Infinitely Enchanted only if the user has the skill to Enchant it, once re melted all the enchants disappear. Had been the leader of house Indoril at a time but was de-crowned after the findings of his Dwemeris/Religious studies later to adventure the world once again.
EDIT: Morrowind went back to his homeland of Morrowind and was promoted to lead Ordinator makes most his appearances in clockwork city and Vivec has been seen traveling elsewhere though.
Morrowind Indoril Zu'u los Vulsoven

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Re: Character Sheet

Post by ItsMitch_ » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:39 pm

IGN: ItsMitch_

Character's Name: Aelin Rowns

Race: Bosmer

Age: 17

Physical Description(This includes Height, Weight, etc.): Aelin is somewhat short at the height of 5'2 and weighs roughly 120 pounds. Aelin has waist length dark brown hair that is almost always covered with a dark green cloak that she wears at all times. She is very pale and has brown eyes. Aelin usually wears tight pants and a tight shirt with lace up boots but when she can she loves to dress up in colorful gowns and jewels.

Backstory: Aelin grew up living a somewhat happy life. She had no siblings and was taught at home by her mother since her father was out most of the days since he was a hunter. When he was home, he trained Aelin to be tough and protect herself. Aelin was always an explorer, slipping away from her home when she could to explore the wooded areas around her village. She had explored the world for years without her parents knowing. When she turned 16, her father discovered what she had been doing and was unhappy. He decided she was to become a merchant and she would begin to work. When she denied that she wanted to explore, he beat her. She ran away and has never returned home since.

Personality: Aelin is a stubborn girl and very feisty. She easily gets herself into arguments and fights and isn't scared of failure. Aelin is also goes after what she wants, no matter what the consequences may be and whether there be blocks along the way. She doesn't like to admit that even sometimes she needs help from others since she is very independent.

Skills: Aelin is very good with a sword or dagger since she has been training and learning since she was very young. She also has basic skills like cooking and sewing.

Any other notes on your character: No notes :)

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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Mr1osufan1 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:57 pm

Looks good, If you could do you mind copying this app and posting it up on the topic called the "The Cast" for me so it's easier to find. Thanks.

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Re: Character Sheet

Post by MuralCardinal » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:51 pm

Here is the new (And hopefully final) character sheet. It is also in the "The Cast" section for use as well.

OOC Information:

Username -

Age -

Skype (Optional) -

How did you find this server? -

Have you read the rules? -

IC Information:

Character Name -

Character Race -

Character Age -

Character Gender -

Physical Description (1-2 Sentences) -

Personality (1-2 Sentences) -

Backstory (2-4 Paragraphs) -

Picture of your Character’s skin -

Other Information -

There is also information to help you create your character in the "The Cast" section.

*As a side note this layout and the character creation info was worked on by WarzawaWilf, I put this here so that the RP community can use *
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Re: Character Sheet

Post by Dinikus » Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:48 am

Could someone lock this so that people have to use the cast forums?
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