Diamond, the Broken Girl [Character Profile]

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Diamond, the Broken Girl [Character Profile]

Post by tomtomgags » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:17 am

IGN: Tomtomgags

Character's Name: Claims her name is Diamond, without a maiden name.

Race: Breton

Age: 20, though one wouldn't think from looking at her. (I'm not sure if Bretons should be older.)

Physical Description: Diamond is a short and slim girl. She has long, curly, golden hair that elegantly frames her bright blue eyes and rosy red cheeks. She has a clear complexion and pale skin. She closely resembles a porcelain doll, and is strangely good at posing as one.

Backstory: Not much is known of Diamond's past. She lost most of her memory at a young age. She remembers working as a maid at an Aldmeri estate, she remembers enjoying the work, and cannot remember why she would have left. She started traveling the world, surviving in whatever ways she could, mainly theft. She can recall times when her memory would fade, and the next thing she'd remember was bloody corpses. She knows she is broken, but looks for someone who can fix her.

Personality: Diamond is a broken girl, living her life like an author writing against living paper. "Correcting mistakes" in the world around her with knives and daggers. But when she's not, she is a sweet an innocent girl. The kind of girl she enjoys being. A child, forever.

Skills: Knives & Daggers, Cooking & Housework, Juggling & Throwing, Singing & String, as well as most forms of Deception.

Any other notes on your character: Diamond suffers from a variety of mental illnesses, and is prone to mental break downs and episodes from the past. She often believes her own lies, and cannot discern her own lies from truths.

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