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Blacknight909's char

Post by blacknight909 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:54 pm


Character's Name: Undillar Mollen

Race: High elf

Age: 43

Physical Description: Undillar is average height for a high elf, but he is very heavy built, being fully developed muscularly. He has scars all over his body from battles past, though none visible usually, as he wears a long sleved shirt and long pants with boots. If someone were to pull up his sleeves they would see many scars on his wrists. His eyes are emerald green, and his hair is jet black, he wears it short.

Backstory: Undillar grew up in Alinor, in Summerset, he spent his early life learning to be a battle mage in the temple. He spent a long period of his life out of the isles, sometimes off the continent. His early life is relatively unimportant. When he was twenty two he married, and settled down in the area he was living at the time, opening a bakery with her. Sometime between those times he adopted a argonian as his daughter. Eventually he lost interest in the area he was living and decided to return to Summerset, and inherit his fathers titles which he did willingly delegating them well. He spends most of his time currently with his family, leaving others alone, though has a vested interest in the politics of Summerset, he would rather ignore them.

Personality: Undillar is a battle hardened warrior who is trying to retire, his mind is scarred with elements of his past leaving him with severe PTSD. He was born with depression and has lived with it his whole life, coping well in Summerset. He will treat you kindly, until you prove yourself not worthy of such kindness. He will treat others much better then he will treat himself. Never thinking himself worthy, or in any way good. He is very pious but has lessened in his zealous nature as the years have gone by.

Skills: He is a expert paladin, having a in depth knowledge of many monsters and individuals, he is a reader and knows much, he is good with spells, but a master with blade.

Notes: I see him being more of a quest giver at his current state then many other things, though he will always be a capable warrior and learned individual.

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Re: Blacknight909's char

Post by MuralCardinal » Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:27 pm

Hey I love that you are bringing this character into the server's RP but, one thing is that we have an area in the game table section called The Cast. If you could put this in there as well that would be great. It just keeps it organized.
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