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Kaichlop's RP character

Post by KaiChlops » Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:17 pm

Username- Kaichlops
Age- 15
Skype- Dragonborn0111
How did I find this server?- Internet browsing for Tamriel in MC
Have I read the rules?- Yes

Character Name: Kjarik
Character Race: Nord
Character Age: 30
Character Gender: Male
Physical Description: Muscular with brown medium/long Nordish hair, scar on the chest.
Personality: Very faithful with beliefs in the nine divines and loyal to the home of the Skyrim people, despises people who think they can enslave/control how others live their lives.

Backstory: Single child who lives in wildhelm of which father was killed fighting with the storm cloaks in the siege of Whiterun during the days of Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius at 10 years old and with just my mother, she just barely made enough coin to feed as she worked as an alchemist and eventually when I was at the age of 20 my mother passed away due to Ataxia.

After the death of my mother signed up to joined up for the Stormcloaks to free Tamriel of the Thalmor and the on going war for Talos and ever since I joined up in my 20's I've since traveled Tamriel in the lines of the war going where Im needed and anyway in hope to do good deeds be it the war or in good morales.
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