Trogarth Forestborn application (updated)

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Trogarth Forestborn application (updated)

Post by Trogarth » Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:22 pm

> Name

Trogarth Forestborn is his full name.

> Titles
Trogarth Forestborn is a master of the House Telvanni.

General Information

> Race: Bosmer

> Gender: Male

> Age and birthsign
Trogarth Forestborn was born 4E 174 on the 6th of MorningStar under the sign of the Theif. He is 47 years old.

> 'At first glimpse...'
Trogarth Forestborn has a light skin tone and a goatee. He has decently long darkish brown hair.He has hazel eyes that have a disturbed look to them.


> Background
Trogarth Forestborn was born in valenwood. But at a very young age he and his family had to move to The summerset Isles due to his father being a soldier in the Aldmeri Dominion. During The great war Trogarth's father was severely wounded with a stab wound in the stomach. When Trogarth was the age of 11 they moved back to Valenwood. A group of 4 nordic bandits came and burned his house down, which is made out of wood due to his family not following the green pact. Trogarth barely made it out, his father and mother were killed in the flames. Trogarth went to live with his uncle who also did not follow the green pact. He tought Trogarth basic alteration spells and archery. When Trogarth turned the age of 18 he decided to run away from Valenwood to get revenge on the people that killed his family.So he went to the nordic province of Skyrim joined the Theives Guild. Trogarth heard the news of the civil war and hunted down stormcloak soldiers and killed them. Finally Trogarth found the nords that killed his family and slowly but surely killed them. Now at the age of 30 Trogarth left Skyrim and went to Morrowind to find House Telvanni. His uncle used to be a member in House Telvanni and Trogarth looked up to his uncle for taking him in.
> Factions and loyalties
Trogarth Forestborn is loyal to House telvanni, He is a master there. He is also loyal to the Theives guild.

> Prejudice and judgement
Trogarth Forestborn Strongly hates the nordic race and finds them barbaric and evil for killing his family.

Appearance and physique

> Aesthetics
Trogarth Forestborn wears Light brown armor and a ragged green cloak that he saved from his house as it was burning.

> Build
Trogarth Forestborn is in immaculate physical condition. Though he is not very strong he has great stamina and agility

> In their bag:
Trogarth Forestborn carries a bow given to him by his uncle. he also has a dagger and arrows.

> Personality
Trogarth Forestborn has a deceiving personality. He makes people believe he is a friend when really he is a foe

> Talents and weaknesses
Trogarth Forestborn has great talents with a bow. his main weakness is fighting against a sword and shield

> Motivations
Trogarth Forestborn finds motivation in avenging his family.

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Re: Trogarth Forestborn application (updated)

Post by Mr1osufan1 » Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:22 pm

Looks good

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Re: Trogarth Forestborn application (updated)

Post by MuralCardinal » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:36 pm

This is a interesting character indeed. I give the second and final approval for this character.
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