Marcus Dreugon (Orian 142 Character Sheet)

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Marcus Dreugon (Orian 142 Character Sheet)

Post by Orian142 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:40 pm

IGN: Orian142

Character's Name: Marcus Dreugon

Race: Imperial

Age: 22

Class: Thief/ Fighter

Physical Description: Standing at about 6 ft tall I am smaller than some Nords but taller than some Imperials. I am athletic due to years of hunting and swordplay. I usually run around in lighter gear with at least a sword, a bow, and enough arrows to get by. Most women would consider me rather pleasing to the eye if they see past my hood.

Backstory: I was orphaned when I was 16. My father was part of a backwards group of people with no code or honor. They stole from each other, killed each other, and killed/ stole from any they pleased. Eventually they killed the wrong person and all associated with my fathers group were rooted out and killed. I was the only survivor of my family. I eventually moved south to Cyrodil where i made a living doing odd jobs and robbing the rich on the streets. I hunted what scarce game I could before moving to Skyrim. It was here where I joined the Thieves Guild in Riften. It was there where I had family.

Personality: Close and light hearted around friends and "family". To strangers I come off as part of the "common rabble" and am usually quite guarded
about my past. I find it hard to make friends. I will almost always return a favor as a "Lanister pays his debts".

Any other notes on your character:

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Re: Marcus Dreugon (Orian 142 Character Sheet)

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