Lyrra the Imperial (Character Profile)

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Lyrra the Imperial (Character Profile)

Post by scrolls.of.elder » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:31 pm

IGN: Katjay

Character's Name: Lyrra

Race: Imperial

Age: 22

Class: Major Skills: Blade, Light Armor, Sneak, Security, Athletics, Acrobatics, Speechcraft

Physical Description: Short, Brown hair, brown eyes, scar along her left cheek.

Backstory: Lyyra’s mother abandoned her on the streets of the Imperial City when she was just a child. She had to learn how to survive. She became a petty thief and was frequently arrested. When she was 17, she was approached by a member of the notorious Thieves Guild and was offered a spot. She has worked with the guild ever since.

Personality: Lyrra can seem quite rude and snarky, but she can also be kind hearted. She doesn't like to form bonds with people, but when she does she cares about them more than anything. She frequently goes out drinking with her friends in the guild and is determined to become a big time thief.

Any other notes on your character: [so she was originally the champion of Cyrodiil and Sheogorath with a much more complicated backstory, but that obviously violates many of the character rules so I just changed quite a bit to make her a regular thief in the 4th era. If I don't seem quite connected with her when I start role playing, that's why. She will also probably end up becoming a Dark Brotherhood assassin later on]

Skin: ... -listener/

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