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IGN: ProstMC

Character name: Ronfar

Race: Imperial

Age: 36

Major skills: One handed sword and sheild, heavy armour, Marksman. Minor skills: Hand-to-hand, Armorer .

Physical Description: Medium height, with dark, not long hair, Has a beard and Strong body build.

Backstory: Ronfar's ancestors settled in Morrowind by seizing his capture by Tiber Septim. However, after the Red year, they were forced to leave their homes and moved to Bruma. They lived there for a while. The Great War forced them to leave the house again. Ronfar's dad took part in the Battle of the Red Ring. There he was seriously wounded, during his treatment at Bruma, he met Rey's mother. Then there was a wedding and a child reborn in them. Actually Ray. Even in childhood, he decided that he wanted to join the Imperial Legion. Due to the fact that no wars are happening at the moment, he is forced to be a guard in Bruma. However, every year, his desire to see the land where his ancestors lived - Morrowind.

Personilty: Over time, his fervency faded. He became quite passive and indifferent. Therefore, he will return to the land of his ancestors, hoping to get inspiration there to live on

Any other notes: Once he fell from a tree, so he has a scar on his back

Skin: ... ith-beard/

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