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IGN: [Oscarbh007]

Character's Name: [Sinbus]

Race: [Nord]

Age: [184]

Class: [Swordsman][Master Swordsman][Able to cook some alright food][Kinda strong. Can run at about 10km an hour.][Not Very smart] [Turns into an old man when he gets stressed or scared.] [As an old man he is very slow and not very strong at all.]

Physical Description: [A little tiny kid looking around 13 years old. Blond hair. In very good physical shape. The old man has white hair and is about 160cm tall. ][Carries a stainless steel sword on him at all times]

Backstory: [When Sinbus was 13 he went out playing in the forest as any other kid did but one day he met a witch. The witch took him and cursed him for passing through her forest. The curse made him stay forever young which means he can't die of age, but he isn't immortal, he still needs food and can still die of a sword just not age. As a side effect, he would turn into his real body when he gets stressed or scared. When he came back to his village it was under attack and he just ran without looking back. After that, he found a guy that would teach him the way of the sword. He trained until he was about 25 years old when his master got sick and died. After that, he found a little cave he lived in this cave for 40 years where he just trained and trained and then he went hunting and then training again this made him super strong and fast. After that, he decided to become a mercenary taking care of monsters and such. He made a small fortune doing this. But one day he found the love of his life, a sweet girl named Belle but soon after he met her another mercenary took her life. After this, he killed the mercenary and went into a cave where he spent another 40 years isolated only going out to hunt for food. But one day he heard a voice in his head telling him to learn about the Dragonborn. He got out of the cave and this is where his backstory ends. ]

Personality: [He doesn't care much about making friends as he knows that he will most likely outlive them. He wants to go to every temple just to learn about the Dragonborn. He easily gets annoyed. He would do everything in order to have Belle back if he had the chance. He thinks he is the best swordsman in Tamriel. He fought a dragon once and nearly lost his life. He believes if he can find the Dragonborn He could help him find a way to save Belle. If you insult Belle you are dead. ]

Skin: [Just a normal teenage skin]

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