Helnim Wall

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Helnim Wall

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Helnim Wall

Where is it?

Helnim Wall is located to the south east of Morrowind. It is slightly north east of Vvardes.

Who is in charge?

Watching over the town is Master Brotvus Sardar of House Telvanni.

The Steward of the town is Drammun Velothran

The position of Captain of the Wall is D'Afdor.


The town of Helnim Wall follows 10 Laws:

Theft. Anyone caught stealing will be sentenced to prison. The time depends on the value of the object stolen.
Assault. Unnecessary violence is not permitted. Those caught in the act shall be punished, again, varying on the degree of injury caused.
Murder. Murder is not permitted. Anyone found guilty will be executed or sentenced to life in jail.
Freedom of Speech. You have freedom of speech, however, should your words cause harm, you will be punished.
Slavery. Slavery is strictly forbidden. Visiting the town with slaves is fine, however if you live in the town and own slaves or buy slaves, you will be exiled and the slaves set free.
Cowardness. Guards who flee from their post can expect to be jailed with the possibility of execution.
Rights. Taking away someone's rights will result in a prison sentence.
Guards have the final say. Should you argue back, you can expect a large fine.
Background. Those who have a bad background with House Telvanni can expect to be carefully observed. If they are found to be previously exiled from the House, they will be banished from Helnim Wall.
Taxation. Those who only live in the town will not be charged tax, however anyone who owns a business must pay 20% of their weekly earning to the city funds. The funds are for supplies for the whole town and any official caught using the funds for personal use will be punished.


Right to Religion. You have the right to practice which ever religion you wish.
Right to Weaponry. You have the right to carry a weapon and wear armor.
Right to Safety. You have the right to be safe and out of harm.
Right to Privacy. You have the right to keep your life private.

Should someone attempt to take away these rights, a town official should be contacted.
The only exception to these is if you are under investigation.

List of Current Residents:

Master Brotvus Sardar
Drammun Velothran
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