Molag_bal's Build Log

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Molag_bal's Build Log

Post by Molag_Bal » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:52 pm

Ingame name: Molag_bal
Nickname: Molag_bal

Build Name________Coordinates_____________Last Worked On__________Verified By
Old-Ebonheart______3916 132 -587___________6-9-2017________________Molag_bal, Thetechnoblade27
Darvonis Watch_____4378 124 -745___________31-8-2017_______________Molag_bal
Skaal Village_______3506 144 -4747___________3-9-2017_______________Molag_bal, NictheFifth
Bujold's Retreat____3637 69 -4551____________5-11-2017_______________NicTheFifth
Thirsk_____________3428 128 -4553___________6-11-2017_______________NicTheFith, Molag_Bal, thetechnoblade27

Old-Ebonheart: Finished
Davons Watch: Canceled till release of new WP map
Skaal Village: Finished
Thirsk: Finished
Bujolds retreat: finished
Old Salty: finished

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