Arvyn's Build Log

Keep track of the builds you worked on here.
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Arvyn's Build Log

Post by Vivec » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:42 pm

Ingame name: Serjo_Arvyn_Sul
Nickname: Vehk/Arvyn

Updated as of 2017/09/14

Build Name| Coordinates| Last Worked On| Verified By
Seyda Neen| 3541 64 -1286| 2017-08-??| Pringlulz
Cadlew Chapel| 1989 76 1249| 2017-09-03| Darksamus227
Vivec spun in midair cross-legged, never moving his swordarm from its initial position. He spoke, "Fa-Nuit-Hen," the name of an old master, and Cyrus fell from eight wounds that appeared without mortal notice.

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