Thetechnoblade27 aka Batman's build log

Keep track of the builds you worked on here.
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Thetechnoblade27 aka Batman's build log

Post by batman » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:21 am

Ingame name: Thetechnoblade27
Nickname: -

Updated as of 10-19-2017

Build Name___________ Coordinates______________Last Worked On ____________________________Verified By
Ebonheart ____________X:3898 Z:-541____________ A long time ago in a galaxy far away __________captainquantum
vivec's antlers_________X:3720 Z:-673_____________A long time ago in a galaxy far away___________captainquantum
Hermaeus Mora Shrine__X:-450 Z:460______________I have no clue______________________________Hermaeus Mora
Mziknchaleftsanbda____X:-500 Z:-3100____________1/18/2018_________________________________pringels
Ebonheart____________X:4500 Z:1000____________1/18/2018__________________________________I guess cap
Devon's watch_________X:5300 Z:600______________today_____________________________________Molag Bal

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