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fonta's build log

Post by fonta59 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:17 pm

Ingame name: fonta59
Nickname: fonta

Updated at 07/06/2018

Build Name Coordinates Last Worked On Verified By
Snowclad ruins 3159 -4708 2017 09

Raldbhtar 1053 -2859 2017

Solstheim 3130 -4400 2017/08

Fort Greymoor -166 -2647 2017 CaptainQuantul

Fort Neugrad 460 -1683 ? ?

Bleak fall barrows 2018/01 details and last rooms/caverns need to be done

fort Hraggstad 2018/01

Hillgrund's Tomb (done) 2018/01/11

Tamriel 2018/01/11

Silverdrift Lair (done)

Yorgrim Overlook (done)

Gyldenhul Barrow (done)

Valtheim Keep (done) 2018/02/01

Roadside ruins (done)

Falkreath Watchtower (done)

Ruins of Rkund (done) rework of terrain ?

Bonestrewn Crest (done)

Shearpoint (done)

Skyborn Altar (done)

Snowpoint Beacon (done)

Refugees' Rest (done)

Gjukar's Monument (done)

Four Skull Lookout (done)

Pinefrost Tower (not accurate) (done)

Four skull lookout (done)

ritual stone (done)

western watchtower (done)

Western Watchtower (done)

Ancient's Ascent (wip)

South Skybound Watch (wip) (exterior)

Peak's Shade Tower (wip) (detail ?)

Hrothmund's Barrow (wip)

Abandoned Prison (wip) (exterior)

Bannermist Tower (wip) details

Nilheim (wip) (details ?)

Northwind Summit (wip)

Bleakwind Bluff (wip)

High gate ruins (wip)(exterior need two more statues)

Reachwind Eyrie (wip)

Frostflow Lighthouse (wip) (exterior)

Windward Ruins (wip) (details)

Guldun Rock (wip) (exterior)

Rannveig's Fast (wip) (exterior) details

Riften ( wip)

Widow's Watch Ruins (wip)

Mzulft (wip)

Ragnvald (need to be imported) exterior

Ironbind Barrow (done, need to be imported)

Journeyman's Nook (done, need to be imported)

Stendarr's Beacon (need to be imported+ details)

Dragontooth Crater (need to be imported)

Hag Rock Redoubt (need to be imported) exterior

Sundered Tower (need to be imported) exterior

Arcwind Point (need to be imported)

Lost Valley Redoubt (need to be imported)

Blackreach landscape (need to be imported)

longboat (need to be imported)

largeboat (need to be imported)

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