Buff Dedede's Build log

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Buff Dedede's Build log

Post by Molag_Bal » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:00 am

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Ingame name: Buff Dedede

Up-to-date as of 2018.01.11

Build Name		Coordinates		Last Worked On		                  Verified By
Old-Ebonheart		 	   4509 982	                18-1-2018				Captainquantum
Vivecs antlers		  4328 983	                16-1-2018				Captainquantum
Thirsk		   		                        2017				NictheFifth
Skaal Village                                         2017				NictheFifth
Old Salty                                            2017				Nicthefifth
Temple of Miraak interiors                               2017				           Nicthefifth
Iron breaker mine			               2017				Nicthefifth/Jetplane
Bujold's Retreat 				       2017				Nicthefifth
Davons Watch 				              4-2-2018			Pringlulz
The Matron's Clutch			               2017				Captainquantum
Dhalmora           5757 799                21-1-2018                  Pringlulz     
Sulfur Pools                                   2-2-2018                                Buff_dedede
Senie                                                  1/14/2018                     Captainquantum
Lake Hlaalu Retreat                           2-2-2018                              Buff_dedede
Every bridge in morrowind oh hell yea    						4-2-2018         NicTheFifth
Small Farmhouse north vivec    					4-2-2018        Pringlulz
Nilera's Farmhouse   				 4-2-2018        Pringlulz
Gro-Bargrat Plantation    				  4-2-2018            Pringlulz
Piemette's Farmhouse               4-2-2018                     Pringlulz
Dirara's Farmhouse           4-2-2018              Buff_dedede
Balur's Farmhouse          4-2-2018		Buff_dedede
Manat's Farmgouse       4-2-2018	Buff_dedede
Pelagiad                   4898	71 -570      2-11-2018     Buff_dedede
Mzanch           2-11-2018                 
Arvel Plantation               2-11-2018
Arvel Manor
Hla Oad
Tel Mithryn (deco)
Grytewake (wreck)
Unexplored Shipwreck
Molag Mar
Seyda Neen
Broken Tusk mine
Haknir's Shoal
Ald Sotha
Bristleback Cave
Othrelas Ancestral Tomb
Samarys Ancestral Tomb
Thelas Ancestral Tomb
Releth Ancestral Tomb
Tharys Ancestral Tomb
Andrethi Ancestral Tomb
Norvayn Ancestral Tomb
Raviro Ancestral Tomb
Llervu Ancestral Tomb
Caldera Mining Company
Helan Ancestral Tomb
Heran Ancestral Tomb

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