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Join House Telvanni

Post by Mythic Emperor » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:43 pm

A robed Breton runs past you while carrying a stack of books and papers. You notice a flier flutter from her direction, and you instinctively pick it up. In an almost runic font, the words "Join House Telvanni" are printed in bold. You continue reading.

Are you among the few who haven't heard of House Telvanni? If so, you have my pity; allow me to enlighten you. House Telvanni, the aptest among the Dunmeri Great Houses, seeks new members. N'wah or Dunmer, it matters little. Even the most incompetent of buffoons can serve as guards and hirelings, but only the intellectually fit may progress through our structured ranks. Expect no payment in material drakes. We offer only knowledge and power, and this is our currency and standard of nobility. If you seek greatness, then you have little choice but to join our House.
"The powerful define the standards of virtue."

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