Narapar Telvanni

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Narapar Telvanni

Post by OliverTheKed » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:53 pm

Narapar Telvanni: age 29

Skills: Adept destruction, Apprentice illusion

Appearance: telvanni robes, blue/grey skin, red eyes, black hair and beard

Key phrase: knowledge is power

Backstory: Narapar was left on the doorstep of a coven of dunmer mages as a baby by his parents with only a pendant of house telvanni. The coven isolated itself from the rest of dunmer society and elected to dedicate all their waking hours into the magical arts. A particularly old member of the coven looked after narapar and taught him all he knew of the magical arts. From a young age narapar's telvanni blood meant he excelled at magic and he took a liking to destruction. However, never feeling as though he belonged in the coven took it's toll on narapars mind and he was plagued with night terrors about his family from which he would wake most nights in a panicked frenzy only to be pacified by the local illusion mages in the coven. This ability to quench his weakness intrigued Narapar and so along with his destruction training he also studied illusion in the hopes of finally removing the bad dreams from his life, after all “knowledge is power”. Many years passed and narapar's powers grew gradually as he devoted his life to knowledge and training. Because of this, he mastered the spells; fireball, calm and fury. Eventually, after reaching his late 20s, Narapar realised that his thirst for knowledge and power could not be satiated by his coven life and so with his father figures blessing, Narapar set off on his journey to constantly better his powers, beat his enemies and gain knowledge. His social (speech) skill is not very good as a result of living in isolation so he used his illusion to influence people's minds when needed. Following rumours of telvanni presence in tamriel and purchasing some telvanni robes from some shifty merchants, narapar arrived at Helnim Wall where he pursues the magical arts to this day. (btw his last name would be telvanni because he was orphaned and left with nothing but an amulet to indicate his lineage to house telvanni and given his prowess in magic it's more than likely that he is related to a telvanni)

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Re: Narapar Telvanni

Post by Chim_El_Adabal » Wed May 02, 2018 12:44 pm

Discussed character before posted. Pre-approved.
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