Fai Ral - thechief2's Character

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Fai Ral - thechief2's Character

Post by TheChief2 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:16 pm

IGN: [Minecraft Username]

Character's Name: [Please try to stick to lore-friendly names.]
Fai Ral

Race: [Playable races currently only available]

Age: [If it’s above average lifespan, a reason needs to be given in the backstory]

Class: [Your character’s class, plus their most major/minor skills. These will not really affect your in-game experience but will give more depth to your character. If your character will be more neutral and not seek out a class, you can put their “skills” here.]

Major Skills:
- Healing Spells
- Herbal Medicine
- Persuasion
- Bartering
- Alchemy

Minor Skills:
- Fire-Based Magic
- Novice Dagger Skills
- Lockpicking

Physical Description: [At least a paragraph describing your character’s physical description.]
Fai is a rather petite woman, slender and rather timid. She has orange-blonde hair, she has relatively fair skin which is common for Bretons. Her hair is cut short down to her shoulders. Physically she is weak, her ability to wield a sword is relatively null. Where she lacks in strength she exceeds in speed, she is light on her feet and can cover ground more than she could grapple with someone.

Backstory: [At least a paragraph describing your character’s history.]
Fai Ral was born in Daggerfall in High Rock to a middle-class family which had ties to a Skyrim based Trading Company. When she turned 10 her family moved to Solesteim and worked in Ravenrock trading with people coming from Skyrim. She grew up and learned a bit of Elvish, though overall she felt like an outsider even though many had accepted her. When she turned 16, she had joined a growing Mage Guild, as she had a knack for some spells, though she had a special talent for restorative spells. She had become a better healer by the time she turned 19, becoming the Guild's main Cleric. Around the time she had turned 19, her mother and father moved to Solitude to work with the West Empire Trading Company, though she stayed behind to be with her Guild-Mates.

Personality: [At least a paragraph describing your character’s personality, or explaining major traits of your character’s personality.]
Fai is relatively charismatic, despite being very seclusive to her work, often hiding in her workspace at her alchemy desk trying to find different ways to make healing potions. She is an avid learner, wanting to gain as much knowledge as she can where others would just give up. Her compassion though sets her aside from many other of her peers.

Any other notes on your character:

Skin: [The skin you will be using for your character.]

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Re: Fai Ral - thechief2's Character

Post by Molag_Bal » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:48 pm

I like your backstory. I Approve your character.

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