Shini9000's Builder application

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Shini9000's Builder application

Post by Shini9000 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:57 am

Hello I have laid my application out for a better understanding and so it is A. Easier to read B. Easier to type C. Better formatted. Please take your time. Enjoy and dig into a sweetroll :P

Username: Shini9000
Discord tag: Shini#4966

Info about me: I'm 19 from Scotland and I spent most my time building large landscape to tiny little houses. I enjoy just putting earphones in and getting the job done. I have a huge amount of experience in world edit/ Voxel sniper and world painter. I can work well with nearly any job/ Project or build thrown at me. I tend to go lone of most my builds. But I work well with teams. I prefer to stick to medieval typical builds but I can build anything from houses to organics/ trees/ animals ETC. I'm a huge fan of "The Elder scrolls games" and "Minecraft" I've played both since Minecraft was released and a few years after Morrowwind got released. Currently I'm a Head Mod / Manager for GhibliCraft. I'm also head Judge for their creative server, I've been a builder for them for roughly 4-5 Months now. I also am in a waiting process for a builder rank in decimation mod Made by Scottehboeh. I also hold the Instagram account for GhibliCraft as well. I do believe that this server is such a great idea and I want to help be a part and help to finish build tamriel.

Down below are some links to Old and New builds. They are kind of messy Folders but it's the best I could do because Imgure sorts it out for you.

Here is some links:

Thank you for reading my application - May your road lead you to warm sands, And watch the skies traveler's.

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Re: Shini9000's Builder application

Post by Molag_Bal » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:09 pm

Hey. Looking over your application I can see you know how to build. I give you my vote for Builder rank.

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Re: Shini9000's Builder application

Post by Pringlulz » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:34 am

Hello Shini9000,

Reviewing your builds, I can tell you have a mastery of building in Minecraft as you show skill working on large scales, doing detailed interiors, using depth to create interesting visuals, and know appropriate block choices to make your builds dynamic. You have my vote for Builder rank.

Please find a team to join via Discord and create your build log here on the forums.


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Re: Shini9000's Builder application

Post by Shini9000 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:49 am

Thank you very much!!

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