MattakaAltmerboi's Builders Application

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MattakaAltmerboi's Builders Application

Post by MattakaAltmerboi » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:09 pm

Discord tag: Matt aka Altmerboi#6124

In-Game user: MattakaAltmerboi

Hi, recently I've had a look into this project and have been quite hesitant to join. I mean I have not really used Minecraft for ages, nor was I ever good at it lol. Anyway I've built three Structures or builds if you will:

Fort with ESO Inspired House

South Beacon, Auridon, ESO

"Nordic" Cathedral

I started with Skyrim and now I am all over ESO. I love the Elder Scrolls franchise and because of that passion I started to learn about the lore. Now I know A LOT, though Chim is always confusing as we all know. I would really appreciate any feedback (Constructive or Positive) on my builds and here are three skins that you might want to use:

Female Altmer and Dunmer as well as a male Nord warrior

It would also be amazing if I could do skins for anyone needing them (Occasionally). The last thing I'd like to address are the teams. I know that when/if your application is approved you must choose a builder's team. With this though, would we be able to work on other areas such as Summerset, independently. Or could one create their own team to do so?

Anyway... I really hope I get in and thank you for taking time out of your days/nights to read this! :lol:
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Re: MattakaAltmerboi's Builders Application

Post by Pringlulz » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:42 pm

Hello Matt (also known as Altmerboi),

Upon reviewing the builds you have posted, I can see that you have a good deal of skill on doing interiors, using different material selections to create visual interest, adding detail to exteriors, and using complex shapes to enhance your builds.

I therefore give you my vote for Builder rank.

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Re: MattakaAltmerboi's Builders Application

Post by BlueMoony » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:23 am

Hey Matt,

Your builds seem to meet our requirements to become a builder. You show skill in different styles and are able to use different types of materials to enhance the overall structure and add details. The interiors also qualify as good interiors. I hereby give you my vote for Builder Rank.

To anwer some of your other questions:
  • Skins are always appreciated though it has to be said that there aren't many requests for them. We could however make our own library of skins all created to be used on Tamrielcraft (skins for NPC etc...)
  • As for the teams: Only a Tonal Architect can be the leader of a Build Team. Also, we try to focus on only a few continents/regions at a time to speed up the process of getting to a state of playable content. So I would start out with a team first and just see how it goes
~ BlueMoon

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