Eydis Greywolf

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Eydis Greywolf

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IGN: Snowposts

Character's Name: Eydis Greywolf

Race: Nord

Age: 19

Class: Eydis is a true Barbarian, a fierce warrior who's resolve in battle was fueled by rage. She is skilled with large, two handed weapons and often wore hefty armor to protect her from her reckless mistakes. Some of her less combat oriented capabilities fall to smithing, alchemy.

Physical Description: Eydis's appearance is average considering most Nord wanderers. Beneath nordic furs, chainmail and other bits of ragtag armor, Eydis stands tall with broad shoulders, her stature more masculine than feminine. Her jaw is square and facial features strong, half of her face covered in blue warpaint. With blue eyes piercing through the eye slots in her helmet she has a striking and strong appearance. Eydis's head is covered in flowing locks of golden hair that fell wildly down to her shoulders, often braided ruggedly and twisted with knots. Though despite her appearance, the most noticeable thing about her entire appearance is her wildfire smile.

Eydis is a bastard born daughter of some Jarl who was quickly removed from power, and killed before Eydis could find anything about her true heritage, and a tavern wench. Growing up an orphan, she grew up with a quick temper and a feisty attitude, angry at the world for damning her to such a miserable life. She hated begging, and opted to find any excuse to work for her food and pocket change instead of sitting on the side of the street and looking sad. She grew up with broad shoulders and strong arms, and in the city of Windhelm of which she resided, a smith, Geir Greywolf took notice of this, and saw potential for her prowess as a smith. Eydis took this offer as soon as it was proposed, she moved into the Geir's abode and started learning the basics of smithing, but soon into the learning process Eydis learned she would rather swing an axe than a smithing hammer.

Geir had no problem with this, it was simple for him and Eydis. Eydis stayed as long as she worked the smithy and was productive, she could leave anytime she wanted. Eydis stayed with Geir until she was sixteen, building up a strong smithing arm and a hard working mentality before she learned of the Stormcloak Rebellion. Eager to prove herself, she signed up for the rebellion at the age of sixteen, of course they didn't take her seriously and refused her. Eydis, returning to her quick temper roared in front of the recruiter in anger, storming off, proclaiming she would prove herself. Of course this was very dramatic and many of the soldiers thought nothing of it but amusement, the recruiter saw zeal, and awaited her return whenever it was.

Eydis returned the next day to the city of Windhelm with a limp. Her body was bloody, clawed and bitten, in her right hand was an iron battleaxe, in her left hand was the body of a younger saber tooth tiger. Barely alive as she dragged the carcass of the animal back to Windhelm ,she didn't remember much. One moment she was dragging the tiger, the next moment she was covered in bandages, resting in the bed of the Windhelm castle, the recruiter standing over her. The recruiter smiled.

"Welcome to the Stormcloaks" He said.

Eydis would begin to prove herself in battle. Known to be fueled by passion and rage to free Skyrim from the Imperial Regime. She would be the first one into battle with a raised axe. Though she was known to be too passionate sometimes amongst her peers. Starting fights she couldn't win, preaching zealously in the wrong places to the wrong people about the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Personality: Eydis is a wild soul. Her emotions are untamed and are often let loose, She's a kind of "act before I think" person. She's got strong resolve and is not likely to give into depression of the acceptance of failure, but her emotions are wild and extreme. Her inability to deal with her intense emotions often leads to anger and fights. On the other end, with intense emotions of joy or on the positive end, she is a hard soul to bring down and can often power through most tough spots with optimism alone.

Nonetheless, Eydis's biggest trait is her anger. Her anger is like a wild forest fire, it's hard to contain, dangerous and nearly impossible to quell. Once she is angry she is not likely to calm down until she has proven her point or achieved her satisfaction. In her eyes everyone is to be judged on their strength or, if they're not a fighter of axes and swords, their effectiveness in combat. She doesn't like rouges and thieves, thinking them selfish cowards who cannot handle a real fight, but she does hold a respect for assassins who do not get caught, noting that they are good at what they do, and that at least, is to be respected.

Any other notes on your character: Nope..But..By Azura! By Azura! By Azura! Am I excited to begin C:

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